Medusa Head Planter

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You nourish, groom and talk to your plants, maybe it’s time you spoke face to face.  “Head Planters” give your plants the personality they deserve.

In Greek mythology, Medusa was originally a beautiful temptress who was courted by Poseidon, God of the Sea.  They made love in the Temple of Athena and when the war goddess learned of this insult she transformed Medusa into a repulsive creature with a head of snakes.  It is said, she was so hideous, onlookers would turn to stone. Our Sculpture has a chiseled face with a placid expression.  She is designed with numerous scaly snakes which twist and protrude from her locks.

Suggested plant size is 6″ and container is plumbed for direct planting.

Hand crafted in America of solid cast-stone (concrete) made with integrated coloring and is sealed for outdoor use.

  • 14″ tall by 11″ wide and 35 lbs
  • Available in a variety of colors – shown in Antique
  • Original Garden Art by Michael Gentilucci


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