Wholesale Information

Current Wholesale Customer: You must be logged in AND wholesale credentials are required to access Wholesale Information. Once established, you will be able to access our catalogs, points of purchase, information and all Designer Stone product listings will reflect wholesale pricing, minimum quantities etc…You can place items in your cart and checkout. We will then review your order and follow up within one business day. Terms, payment and shipping will be considered once your order is finalized.

Are you a Wholesale Customer BUT need wholesale credentials? Contact Us.

Register for Wholesale: If you are interested in merchandising our products, you must register to access our wholesale information. Fill out the Wholesale Registry Form, we will set up your account and follow up with you. Please attach or email your Seller’s Permit and/or Tax ID at this time so we may expedite the process.

If you have any questions please Contact Us. Thank you for your support and interest.