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Zen Creations Set/3 (Medium)

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Old Stone
Variety (Earth Tones)
Variety (Stains)

There are many reasons why our customers are drawn to Zen Creations, whether it is a common affection towards a particular animal or a more complex spiritual connection. These tranquil creations share a few essential traits which make them visually appealing to people of all walks of life. Every Zen Creation sculpture possesses a sense of calm, an abnormally large head and a robust belly...this mishmash of delight simply make people happy.

Each creature has their own unique Chinese character etched into the back of their kimono which represents their personal characteristic. A product tag explaining the symbol is included.ᅠChoose from...

♥ Angel (Faith) ♥ Bear (Power) ♥ Buddha (Enlightenment) ♥ Bull (Strength)

♥ Cat (Independence) ♥ Cherub (Innocence) ♥ Dog (Loyalty) ♥ Dolphin (Gracefulness)

♥ Dragon (Imagination) ♥ Eagle (Freedom) ♥ Elephant (Wisdom) ♥ Fairy (Magic)

♥ Frog (Prosperity) ♥ Gargoyle (Guardians) ♥ Gnome (Protection) ♥ Goat (Discovery)

♥ Horse (Dignity) ♥ Hotei (Laughter) ♥ Lion (Courage) ♥ Llama (Companionship)

♥ Monkey (Humor) ♥ Owl (Truth) ♥ Pig (Abundance) ♥ Rabbit (Fruitfulness)

♥ Rat (Perseverance) ♥ Rhino (Inner Peace) ♥ Rooster (Opportunity) ♥ St. Francis (Generosity)

♥ Snake (Balance) ♥ Squirrel (Cleverness) ♥ Tiger (Confidence) ♥ Turtle (Longevity)

Ordering Instructions: Write your styles & colors in the notes field during checkout. Eg. Lion (Old Stone), Tiger (Sedona) and Bear (Antique)...oh my!




  • Each piece is about 6" tall x 5.5" and weighs 5 lbs.
  • Available in a variety of colors - shown in Antique and Old Stone
  • Original Garden Art by Michael Gentilucci
  • Product Tags included
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