About Our Product

Handcrafted Cast Stone Artwork. Made in the U.S.A. Designer Stone, Inc. produces three completely diverse styles of Garden Art.

We spent our early years getting established and sought “Treasured Finds”, traditional garden decor that can fill a landscaping void and fill our hearts in the process. These items are commonly referred to as “statuary” which consist of conventional garden essentials; containers, animals, birdbaths, stepping stones and of course, statues.

Over the last twenty years our most creative concepts came to fruition; Zen Creations, Spirit Stones, Head Planters and Books Saucers to name a few. These original lines are known as “The Gentilucci Collection”. These sculptures have a spiritual reverberating quality; they are typically amusing, expressive and inspirational. They will usually enjoy a message, often written, sometimes implied and occasionally profound. It is the type of Garden Art which evokes a glimmering smile, it can remove life’s pressures for a few precious moments and can remind us of who we are and what we live for.

Most recently we embraced our origin but instead of seeking conventional we sought traditional. Particularly old stone garden relics, those which have developed an authentic distressed texture only decades of Mother Nature’s exposure can provide. Artwork that had barely survived the test of time, we saved, recreated and gave another chance within “The Heritage Collection”. These “vintage-style” recreations may possess pocks and pitting, are chippy shabby chic, look like they’re pulled right from grandma’s estate but have brand new integrity and they’re absolutely timeless.

Regardless of origin, every piece is constructed of the highest quality materials; we only use top grade Portland cements, a specialized aggregate and a plethora of strengthening additives. Every ingredient is measured down to the ounce and followed as you would a recipe as though we we’re making a soufflé. Once blended these materials allow our finished product to cure to a level three times greater than a house foundation. Every concrete batch produced delivers an ultra-durable product which can endure in the harshest climates ranging from freezing Colorado winters to arid Arizona summers.

When it comes to coloring we offer two different methods. Click here to view swatches of our colors.

Our natural earth tones are achieved with Integrated Coloring. The pigment is throughout the product in its entirety, making our product is blemish resistant. If it were to scratch you can literally buff away the blemish with the palm of your hand. Furthermore, the colors can never bubble, peel or flake as some topical applications do and our colors will never fade but will weather perfectly for decades.

For a deeper, richer antiquing option we offer variegated stains. This premium two-tone coloring enhancement accentuates the product detail and texture. These stains are water based making them user and environmentally friendly as well as being outdoor safe. Each piece will stain in its own unique way with varying imperfections which add beauty and originality to our handcrafted products. Although we strive for consistency a variance is to be expected.

Once our cast-stone artwork is finished and cured, we apply a top coat of clear water repellent and protective sealant. This provides our product with even greater durability and you many more years of enjoyments.

To further enhance our products detail and texture we offer a top-of-the-line high gloss beautifying sealant. This additional application not only gives our artworks an upscale look which lends for indoor design and decorating but it also protects against moisture, sunlight and efflorescence.
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